The Importance of a Great Showing Presentation

It doesn’t have to be as fancy as a showroom if your budget doesn’t allow, but getting your home professionally staged can make the $75,000 difference. Your home has to speak to buyers. No one wants to feel like a guest at your house, they need to feel at home already. Accomplish this with neutral colors, open spaces, great lighting, and updated furniture.

Take below for example, an overly cluttered, badly lit presentation. Would you buy this for one million?

This Pacifica home stayed off and on the market for years before selling way under the asking price, around $650,000 in 2013. After a mild remodel, bathroom addition and new paint, the same home has now doubled in value, appraised for $1.2 million.

A week’s worth of home improvement projects, new paint, and professional staging would have netted the family who sold it an extra $100,000, easy.

Whoever owned this house unfortunately, didn’t have a good agent in his corner. Experienced agents are an asset to have when preparing to sell your home, as they can assist you on what will get you the most Return on Investment!

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