Meet our Feng Shui Master: David Cho

David Cho has been our Feng Shui master since he met Debbie over a decade ago. He helps bring a good flow and vibrancy to all of our listings.

How did you begin your journey as a Feng Shui expert? Did you train, or go to school for it?

I began my feng shui journey as a commercial real estate developer. No matter what user we'd put into certain spaces, they'd quickly fail. My partners, none of whom were Asian, told me I should apply some "Chinese hocus-pocus" to change the tenants' luck. When I researched and discovered that feng shui was based on mathematics and discoverable factors, they financed me to go to feng shui school.

Were you anyone's apprentice, or have you had a Feng-Shui mentor of any sort?

At feng shui school, I became my mentor's apprentice. In doing all his dirty work I learned to separate the facts from the fiction of the practice.

What are some things our readers need to avoid in order to have a home with good energy?

Here are some factors that can negatively impact the value of a home:

        The home is located at the end of the road or at a T-shaped point.

        The kitchen sink faces the stove.

        The stairs are aligned to the front door.

The only absolute no-no's that I remind my clients to be aware of are:

        Don't live in a building with a unit above yours, in other words, live on the top floor.

        If possible, don't live anywhere with common walls.

What are some easy things that our clients can do to improve Feng Shui in their homes? Or is it different for each person and home?

There's no such thing as "one-size-fits-all" feng shui. A home's feng shui is determined by its shape, magnetic direction and year built. Indeed there are 144 unique patterns of chi. Supportive as well as unsupportive areas will affect positive or negative outcomes to anyone, regardless of their gender or year of birth. However, the position that an individual sits or sleeps within an area can impact the intensity of the effects.

What style would describe your home best?

Thanks to my girlfriend, our home is an ever-evolving fashion statement. Her attitude about home furnishings is the same as clothing - change is good. In the three years I've here, it's gone from Hollywood Glam to hippie-chic to 70s velour. I'm certain that by the end of this year the place is going to look completely different from how it looks now.

Your work has taken your around the world - what drives you to continue to practice Feng Shui? Can you pick a favorite place to work?

I probably evaluate a thousand properties a year and I've been doing this for over a quarter of a century. The challenge of getting results still makes me look forward to future projects.

    The most fun was in Jamaica.

    The most bizarre was ghost busting in London.

    The most exotic was house hunting in Dubai.

    The most pressure packed was in Ireland.

    The most relaxing was Costa Rica.


Thank you to David, and thank you for reading!

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