TSG Team Spotlight: Meet Julie Chen

Julie is a newer member of the team here at The Sharp Group, joining us as a team admin. She helps manage timelines, works with vendors, and is part of our "boots on the ground" team that make all these listings happen.

How long have you known Debbie, Lisa, and the team?

I’ve known Debbie and Lisa for about 12 years.  We met when I was working as a Realtor, and was in the same Alain Pinel office that Debbie was working out of at the time. So we've kept in touch through the years.

What was your previous work experience, and how do you apply it to your work at The Sharp Group?

I worked in a restaurant and every day I had to hustle.  If any of my staff didn’t show up, I had to find coverage or do it myself.  If something broke or there was a crisis, I needed to be able to think on the fly and quickly find a solution.  I was dealing with so many different personalities between staff, customers and vendors on a daily basis. Maintaining good communication while keeping everyone happy and motivated was my job in addition to all the administrative work. So, up to this point I’ve been able to apply all of it at TSG, just in a different capacity.

What's the best part about working on listings?

Building relationships. Meeting and working with not only our immediate team, but all of the vendor partners is very rewarding work. We are able to achieve some amazing things together, and I love that part of my job. 

Have you always lived in the bay area? If you've lived anywhere else, do you see yourself ever moving back?

For most of my life, I've lived in the bay area. I was born in Taiwan and lived in Japan for 2 years before we immigrated to the States.  We also lived in Portland for 2 years when I was in elementary school. Though I love being in many parts of the world, I love the Bay Area too much to ever leave. Plus, my family's here.

How are you balancing your new role with your home life?

I’m not...just kidding! Actually, it’s been a pretty good transition thanks to my parents. They’ve been able to help me watch my kids as needed and it helps that my dad likes cooking!


Thank you to Julie, and thank you for reading!

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